Safer Neighbourhood Officer | Evesham Rural North | West Mercia Police

Who are your local Neighbourhood Officers for the ‘Rural North’ area?

Your local Neighbourhood Officers are PC Matt Beards, PC Alex Prentice and PCSO Bradley Sansom. They can be contacted by emailing

We are actively involved with social media accounts, please follow them for updates on our work, and local events/news. These are @EveshamCops (Twitter) and @EveshamSNT (Facebook).

What have we been up to?

Officers have conducted a drop-in session in one of the villages in the rural north patch. This proved extremely successful, and we will be doing this monthly allowing people from the villages to come and meet us in person. Please keep an eye on social media and Neighbourhood Matters for future dates. Even if the session is not in your village, you are more than welcome to attend any drop-in session to speak with us. This is a great way for you to understand what we are doing in your village, and if there is something that you believe we are not doing, it’s a great way to tell us.

Officers have been busy covering the local MOP fair in town. This was an extremely busy weekend for officers, but we were happy to see some local residents who took the time to say hi to us.

We have also been visiting every school on our patch and have dropped off SmartWater and signage. We even got a ‘hello, hello, hello’ from one of the primary school aged pupils at one the schools which did make us laugh.

Officers across the Evesham Safer Neighbourhood Team have been visiting vulnerable residents across all areas who are at risk of cuckooing. Cuckooing is the term used to describe the actions of gangs who travel to towns and take over the homes of vulnerable people in order to deal drugs. These visits are routine unannounced visits, with the aim to identify and proactively safeguard vulnerable drug users whose premises are likely to be used by dealers.


All of the above is sent through Neighbourhood Matters as well as any engagement sessions we run. We are encouraging people to sign up to this service as it’s a great way of finding out what we are up to and where we will be.  Please ensure you sign up to this free service.

Take a look at the website for further information: