• Staffing- The Staffing Committee meets once every quarter. This Committee manages the staff of the Parish Council and any Human Resources related items and policies. We currently have one member of staff, the Clerk & RFO, Linda Stanton. The members of the Staffing Committee for 2023/2023 are as follows: Councillors Andy Attridge, Graham Clelland, Heath Jobes and Cathryn Steward.
  • Environment- The Environment Committee meets every 2 months or as when required. The committee is established to manage, maintain and improve the sports, recreational and leisure facilities at the Sports Field and The Leys Playing Field. Protect and enhance the biodiversity and preserve the environment of the Wildflower Meadow at The Leys Playing Field. Overseeing and maintenance of Parish Council’s street furniture. The members of the Environment Committee for 2023/2024 are as follows: Councillors Andy Attridge, Colin Clear, Graham Clelland, Heath Jobes, Cathryn Steward and Steve Sidwell.

Working Groups

Working parties are normally chaired by a member of the Parish Council and don’t have any delegated decision making power. Recommendations from these groups are then made to Full Council for consideration and final decision.

  • Public Right of Way
  • Traffic Management
  • Christmas Tree Light Switch On Event