Honeybourne Parish Council meets in Honeybourne Village Hall, Harvest Close, Honeybourne on the second Tuesday of the month every month except in August unless notified otherwise.

Meetings of the Parish Council start at 7:15 pm unless otherwise stated on the agenda.

The meeting is open to the press and members of the public who are welcome to attend all or part of the meeting but may only speak during the allocated time as listed within agenda.  Members of the public are welcome to address Council with regard to items on the agenda or for future meetings, however this is not an opportunity for wider debate and the opportunity to speak is limited to 3 minutes per person, the open session will last for no longer than 15 minutes.  There is no expectation on the council to respond to any comments made at this time.

Agendas for the meetings will be posted on this page and noticeboards located in Harvest Close, the corner of Stephenson Way, corner of Grove Avenue, and corner of School Street opposite The Thatch, in advance of the meeting and the Minutes will follow soon after.

The documents below are all PDF versions available for download.

Parish Council Meetings

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Meeting DateMeeting TitleAgendaMinutesSupporting Documents
Tue 12th Dec, 2023Parish Council Meeting DownloadView All
Tue 14th Nov, 2023Parish Council Meeting Download DownloadView All
Tue 10th Oct, 2023Parish Council Meeting Download DownloadView All
Tue 12th Sep, 2023Parish Council Meeting Download DownloadView All
Tue 11th Jul, 2023Parish Council Meeting Download DownloadNA
Tue 13th Jun, 2023Parish Council Meeting Download DownloadNA
Tue 30th May, 2023Extraordinary Meeting Download DownloadNA
Tue 9th May, 2023Parish Council Meeting DownloadNA
Tue 9th May, 2023Annual Meeting Download DownloadNA
Tue 9th May, 2023Annual Parish Council Meeting DownloadNA
Tue 11th Apr, 2023Parish Council Meeting Download DownloadNA
Tue 21st Mar, 2023Extraordinary Meeting Download DownloadNA
Tue 14th Mar, 2023Parish Council Meeting Download DownloadNA
Tue 14th Feb, 2023Parish Council Meeting Download DownloadNA
Tue 10th Jan, 2023Parish Council Meeting Download DownloadNA

Environment Committee Meetings

Meeting DateMeeting TitleAgendaMinutes
Tue 5th Sep, 2023Environment Committee Meeting Download Download Draft Minutes
Tue 4th Jul, 2023Environment Committee Meeting Download Download

Staffing Committee Meetings

Meeting DateMeeting TitleAgendaMinutes
Tue 1st Aug, 2023Staffing Committee Meeting Download Download (Draft)