What is a Neigbourhood Plan?

In 2011 the Localism Act gave parish councils the opportunity to prepare Neighbourhood Plans.Neighbourhood planning provides an opportunity for local people to influence the planning and development of the area in which they live and work. It gives the community a real say over local decision making, it can help to achieve goals through the planning system and address the challenges and opportunities facing the future vitality of the parish. Our Plan is intended to last until 2030 and provides:

  • a shared vision for the parish;
  • some broad objectives which we think we help to deliver the vision; and
  • a set of policies and parish aspirations which will make the vision a reality.

A Neighbourhood Plan once adopted becomes part of the statutory Local Development Plan alongside the South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP) 2016, the adopted Worcestershire Waste Core Strategy and the saved policies of the County of Hereford and Worcester Minerals Local Plan1. This means that planning decisions in the parish must be taken in accordance with the Neighbourhood Plan.

Honeybourne Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Honeybourne Parish Council applied to designate the whole of the parish as a Neighbourhood Plan Area in August 2015 and the designation was secured on the 25 September 2015. The Parish Council subsequently successfully bid for funding from the Government to help prepare the Neighbourhood Plan.

This Adopted Version of Honeybourne Neighbourhood Plan has been published following the independent examination of the Plan in November 2019 and a successful public referendum in March 2020.

The Plan has been produced on behalf of the Parish Council by a small dedicated Steering Group, made up of residents and Parish Councillors under the guidance of planning consultants Brodie Planning Associates (BPA), to turn community concerns and aspirations into a binding planning document that can be used to inform future development in the parish of Honeybourne. The Plan once adopted will be used in all planning decisions by the Local Planning Authority and Planning Inspectors until 2030.

Download  Honeybourne Neighbourhood Development Plan.