New Defibrillator at Sycamore Drive

A new defibrillator has been installed on the wall at Ludify Automotive Ltd, Unit E/F at Sycamore Drive, Honeybourne, WR11 7AE.  The cost of the defibrillator was funded by the Department of Health & Social Care  and Honeybourne Parish Council and will be maintained by the Parish Council.  The defibrillator is accessible 24/7.

What to do?

Information on how to use the Defibrillator.

In the event of a suspected cardiac arrest, the following  procedures should be followed:

  1. Call 999 and ask for the ambulance service.
  2. When asked by the operator give the telephone number from where you are calling and the location of the cabinet.
  3. The operator will ask a series of questions which you will need to answer to the best of your ability.  This will only take a few moments and will not delay the ambulance.
  4. The operator will then provide you with the access code to open the cabinet ( All the Parish Council defibrillators are located inside an external cabinet and registered with the ambulance service).
  5. The defibrillator and resuscitation pack should be removed from the access point and the ambulance service will stay on the line and give verbal instruction if required.
  6. Switch on the defibrillator and it will then provide you with verbal instructions for use.
  7. The defibrillator cannot be used incorrectly as it will only deliver a shock to the patient if it detects it is necessary.
  8. There are scissors in the resuscitation pack to assist with removal of clothing and a pocket rescue breath mask for use with ventilation in CPR.
  9. If you are unable or unwilling to give ventilations,  simply do “hands only” chest compressions.